Can I find true Happiness?



For many years I thought one had to work hard in order to find happiness, and once actually found from that point on I would be consistently happy until my last day.

TreesAs I have moved through life I discovered that there was always some perceived obstacle in the way. There was always something I felt I had to get through before happiness would flow over me, some unfinished business, and time to be spent on something, or a debt to be paid.

I am not saying I have never been happy. Obviously, throughout my life, I have experienced extreme happiness. What I was looking for was more consistency.

After accomplishing, or overcoming, each perceived obstacle in many cases happiness Springdidn’t necessarily follow. Of course there was a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, but that did not necessarily mean it equated to true happiness.

A few years ago it dawned on me that these obstacles, to overcome, and goals, to achieve, were my life and would always be around. If I didn’t pursue happiness in a different way I would never find it.

After talking to a bunch of people it appeared what I was encountering seemed common. I realized the same mentality affected many people who were also attempting to find true happiness. They too found that true prolonged happiness was always out of reach due to the tendency of putting up barriers which needed to be overcome.

BeautySo, to be truly happy I realized that I needed to realign the way I thought. There’s no better time to be happy than right now. Why wait? Why not be happy now? It is important to FREE oneself of the restrictions set by an artificial road-map we set up for ourselves. Life is filled with challenges and negativity. It’s best to admit this and decide to be happy anyway. Humans are great at always making excuses in many aspects of our lives, including why happiness is out of reach. We are all experts at this.

The key is to enjoy every moment that you live within (time with your family and 2-flower-wallpaperfriends, a walk on a beach during a beautiful sunset, a bike ride in the hills, whatever the moment is) and treasure it. Clear the mind, live in the moment for as long as possible, and be happy that you can do the things you can or want to do. Once you internalize how special each individual moment is you will feel blessed and realize that good fortune is shining on you. No one can take that moment away from you. It is yours to enjoy and remember. TRULY open yourself up to these moments. REMEMBER that time waits for no one.

Every day will give you a number of happy moments, even when life is proving to be HD_beautiful_nature_landsacpe_1920RCRL_8003challenging. SMILE and focus on these moments. Let them guide you and push you in a positive direction. Doing so will pull your life into the direction YOU want to go. Life is our reality and is not perfect. But one cannot tell me that no good moment occurred in the space of 24 hours…even if it’s just the sun shining on your face.

So, even though finding consistent happiness is a work in progress I am definitely learning to decrease the number of barriers and obstacles I put up…there is no better time than right now to be happy. I am alive, and every day will give me a special moment. Sometimes I just need to apply the effort to look for it. It is there.

“I thank my God for graciously granting me the opportunity of learning that death is the key which unlocks the door to our true happiness.” –  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Sunset

~ by Jens Wallrabe on March 25, 2016.

One Response to “Can I find true Happiness?”

  1. If I had know you were this deep back at Chapman I would have placed a Whoopee Cushion on your chair. Or maybe I did. Or it was Scott. I have accepted the hand, the failing hip, the calcified knees with a shrug (considering there is nothing practical to be done about it). Now when cosmic questions arise, I wade over to the shallow end of the pool ans splash the guys in heated debate. There’s room for you too.

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