Building Momentum Living Life!

My name is Jens Wallrabe. I am 6’7” and was born in Germany, whereupon my family moved to South Africa for 18 months before settling in England, where I grew up. In 1983, my family came to the USA.

I have always been athletic, participating and competing in many sports throughout my life (so far!). One thing is for certain, as time goes by I realize that it becomes harder to maintain my fitness and body. Like anything worthwhile, it takes time, commitment and dedication. I have to admit that I’m not a superhero. I don’t get out of bed every day with a gung-ho attitude…I just work at it until I find it. And thankfully, the balance between my great days and my not-so-hot days is heavy on the side of the “great days.”

The benefits of being active impact me positively, both internally and externally, and go well beyond competing strongly in sports. I often find myself performing better than athletes half my age. And, I am surprised at how pleased I feel when I meet new people and in the course of our conversation they find out that I’m 50 years old. Inevitably, it’s a shock to some of them as they generally think I am 10+ years younger! I admit that it makes me feel good when I receive these compliments. I definitely feel grateful and enjoy the moment. It is interesting that these compliments have now started to make me think more about the aging process…

There is so much emphasis placed on youth, and the perception of being “over the hill” after a certain age. I just need to thumb through magazines, cruise the internet, or flip through the channels on my TV, to know this observation is true. I think ageism is absolutely ridiculous. As I have grown older not only have I been able to maintain my energy levels, but I have also gained so many value-added attributes and qualities based on the life I have lived and experienced thus far.

The return on investment I get as a mature person is incredible. Hiring corporations need to realize this! Corporations may have to pay more for an experienced executive, but will get so much more back than if they hire a younger inexperienced person just to save a few bucks. The “savings” are so inconsequential to the overall benefits provided by a seasoned executive. The reality is, older execs have lived life, and can actually work smarter and more efficiently, allowing their employers to add to the bottom-line at a faster rate.

At the end of 2007, I started focusing my attention riding a bike because I had developed a spur on my patella from running while training for triathlons. I grew to love the bike. With encouragement from friends, I began racing. Bike racing encourages me, and keeps my workouts consistent and focused. On top of this, I’ve discovered that the post-workout endorphins help me in other aspects in my life. For instance, as a consultant, I thrive on good ideas for my clients. The bike is a conduit to my creativity. After a hard training session my mind is more open, allowing me to be receptive to solid ideas and concepts.

I have decided to blog, on a regular basis, about age, and how it affects me from the viewpoint of pursuing competitive sports and living life in general. I will write about what I personally try to do to embrace the natural aging process, as well as my attempts to delay it, in order to optimize performance in both sports and business, and leading a full and happy life. I hope you’ll enjoy taking this ride with me…

40 Responses to “About”

  1. Great work here, Jens! Making the connection between fitness activities and general productivity across other aspects of life is a concept that is often overlooked in today’s world. I have tried to embrace this philosophy as well but am definitely a novice in this area! I am excited to learn more and follow you here as you continue on this journey!! Thanks again for the inspiration.

  2. look forward to this

    • Hi Gus!!! Thank you! If you would like to automate the process, i.e., when I write a new blog you’ll get it automatically, simply go to the top grey bar/banner and hit subscribe….or, where you commented at the bottom of the blog, you can check off the option to be a follower / subscriber…(depending on your system)

  3. Love that you are doing this Jens!

  4. Beautiful and brilliant , Jens!!

  5. Jens,

    Well said! I too believe in what you are saying…..Momentum is the key to most things in life. A diligent and concerted effort with clear and defined goals and objectives will win out….


  6. Nice work Jens. I recently bought a road bike to compliment my mountain bike riding. I love racking up miles and blowing by other riders here on Cape Cod. The lack of hills here and my time spent in the hills of Westchester certainly help. Hope this note finds you well. Fit and happy at 50, Kev

  7. Jens:

    I know nothing about aging!

    Great idea writing about how age is just a number. You are an inspiration for those of us who have crossed over into the fifties. I mean from the fifties. One in the same I guess.

    Take care my friend and keep writing.

  8. Like this a lot, I find it encouraging!

  9. Fantastic. I will follow your blogs with great interest

  10. Jens, this is a terrific idea! I am looking forward to your posts and am excited to see you doing this!

  11. Very cool Jens!

  12. Jens:
    Great insight…really looking forward to the next post.
    Best of the best,

  13. Right on! Do it!

  14. A great idea! I struggle around all of my age related sports injuries as a 45 year old. I can no longer play my game of choice because it destroyed my joints. So Id love to hear more about the bike and your training regimen.


  15. Nicely done Jens. Now keep writing!

  16. Great blog Jens! It definitely resonates with me as I’ll soon be 44 years old- but do feel it’s just a number. No need to slow down just yet!

  17. fantastic!

  18. Jens great stuff, how’s everything going?

  19. Look forward to reading more about your experience.

  20. im in amigo

  21. Way to go Jens, I applaud your efforts. You’ve laid out a solid path for us to follow and I found it well written. I let age get the best of me for a few years and have vowed to never do that again so keep up the blogging, we can all use the inspiration. Do you think it’s weird that no one ever says that I look younger then my age, perhaps I need more road work eh!

  22. Very well said, Jens – straight from the heart! They just did a survey amongst so-called ‘old’ people. Surprise, surprise the 70 years old regard themselves as middle-age!! I am pushing 75 and still feel I have a few years of vigorous personal growth ahead. So Jens, you have ways to go and many more years of growth and contributions to society. Good luck and keep up the good work. Love, Dad

  23. Ein weiser Mensch hat mal gesagt: “Es kommt nicht darauf an, wie ALT man wird, sondern WIE man alt wird.” 🙂

  24. Well said my friend. You have lots of life to live!

  25. 33 years old at the most

  26. Keep writing, keep sharing!

  27. Great work Jens

  28. Great stuff jens

  29. I love your attitude on life, aging, and fitness! So very inspiring! And I don’t think that there are many 49 year old who can do what you do! 🙂

  30. Hi Jens, as I said in my previous reply, you must be a great inspiration for your generation!!! Keep up your
    great writing with lots of advise and stimmulation for others. Mum, xxx

  31. I believe that you are only as old as you feel. Obviously, if you exercise, eat right and challenge yourself, both mentally and physically, you are going to feel much younger than your actual age. The opposite goes for those who don’t take care of themselves. It is so sad to see someone my age who looks 10 or even 15 years older due to poor diet, etc. Good luck on your blog- I look forward to reading it!

  32. Jens, you have always been an inspiration to me! Keep it going my friend! Joe

  33. Hi Jens, trust all well. Great reading. All best Neil.

  34. Jens as a 73 year old person I think this is a great idea and will mean a lot to me. Congratulations! All the best……Earl

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