Time to Sleep…

2013 was a crazy year for me, during which I felt mostly tired.  No racing of any kind, but it was definitely a year of contemplation, planning, building, implementation, and moving forward.  It was a challenging, rewarding year with both loss and gains…

photo 1Loss…I lost my beautiful Doberman Anka.  She was my solid and consistent companion for almost 10 years.  Amazing how bonded we become to our pets, and how much they can teach us about our own life.  I could wax on about her forever, on many levels!  What makes the loss somewhat bearable was that she passed peaceably in her sleep, very early in the morning.  She was truly an amazing partner, her consistent presence helped me through some heavy stuff.  I will think about her and her life, what she gave me, for the rest of mine.

Gain…The day Anka died my incredible nephew, Lars, was born.  The Cycle of Life!  Going forward, Lars’ birthday will have special significance to me.photo 2

Gain…I have re-established a very special friendship that started in New York City 21 years ago. This event is a revelation and has restored my faith in certain aspects of my life which, based on certain events, took a little bit of a beating.

Gain…I went into business with a good friend, who has developed an amazing fitness and healthy eating concept.  It is based on his experience of training top-tier elite athletes and pouring that experience into a 30 minute workout that has produced amazing results.  We are in the process of opening a center in Los Angeles.  Construction is in full swing, with the opening occurring later this month.  If you are interested in finding out more, here is the website: www.sirensandtitansfitness.com

As the year progresses I will, among other things, touch base on the above, going into more details.  Since I haven’t written for awhile I thought I would create a starting point for 2014…

One area that I want to improve on, since I have been constantly tired, is SLEEP.  I have blogged on so many other areas in my life, areas I want to improve on, or eliminate, but I think sleep ranks up there in regards to importance.  I have come to the conclusion, at least for me, the saying “you can sleep when you are dead” is so bloody asinine, completely senseless.  It’s taken me 51 years to make this discovery for myself!

I have always done well with minimal sleep, whether recovering from training, or conducting business.   At least that is what I have until recently thought.  But, the reality has finally set in.

Maybe it is maturity and/or the increased ability to be honest with myself.  Lack of sleep causes me to “drift” through the day, not fully taking in a conversation, the view, the taste, the breeze on my face.  Everything appears hazy since there is a lack of focus.  As I move into the 2nd half of my life I want to see things much more “clearly”!  I want to take in everything, and will now attempt to achieve this.  I am going to make a concerted effort to get more quality deep sleep, by getting into bed earlier and eliminate such things as late night computer and TV.

People try all kinds of things to be able to live in the NOW,  like meditation, reading books on the subject, paying someone to help them with the process, whatever it may be.   However, it dawned on me that all of this is a waste of time and money, without the foundation of sleep and being rested.  Being rested allows me, better than ANYTHING else, to live in the now!  Sleep and rest also increases my memory, endurance, strength, patience and definitely cuts back on ROAD RAGE!  There are just too many benefits to list.

“True silence is the rest of the mind, and is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment.”  William Penn

photo 3

~ by Jens Wallrabe on January 6, 2014.

5 Responses to “Time to Sleep…”

  1. Beautiful sentiments, Jens. I loved reading this, and I agree with you on the need for enough sleep. Blessings to you, Anka, and your nephew! Happy new year!

  2. Jens — sleep has become almost like a religion to me. I know how important it is, when from time to time I don’t get enough of it. Here’s my trick for sleep — just be in bed for at least eight hours, every single night. Even if you don’t sleep the whole time, just stay there in total relaxation, and don’t even worry about not sleeping. It makes anybody who does it for a week about fifteen years younger, and very powerful, pretty much ready for anything. You know that joke about whiskey being invented to prevent the Irish from taking over the world? Well — insomnia was invented to keep yuppies from becoming anybody really important in the world. Also — don’y forget this friendship from NYC from two decades ago, Compadre — Happy New Year from Cambridge, England, Sean.

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